Curry Unlimited Card Terms & Conditions

  1. The Curry Unlimited Card is not transferable and is only to be used by the named person(s). To avoid fraud/abuse ID may be required.
  2. The Curry Unlimited card must be presented upon entry/or before dining to verify validity.
  3. The Curry Unlimited Card entitles the cardholder(s) to any 1 main + 1 accompaniment FREE of charge from the Chilli A’La Carte Menu. Drinks, starters, desserts and all extra dishes must be paid for in full. Surcharge of £3.50 for all seafood (king prawns £5.00) and pork dishes, Tandoori steak (£5.00), Tandoori Khazana (£5.00) and lamb shank (£5.00) will apply.
  4. The Curry Unlimited Card cannot be used with any other offer/promotion/reward voucher/special days or during December. The cardholder will not be charged 1st December and the prepayment will resume 1st January.
  5. The Curry Unlimited Card is only valid in Chilli and when ordering from the Chilli A La Carte Menu.
  6. The Curry Unlimited Card is only valid for sit in meals and cannot be used to takeaway food. Any food ordered at the table, uneaten and subsequently asked to be taken away may incur a seating charge of £5.00.
  7. Sharing of food on The Curry Unlimited Card is not permitted, i.e. 1 meal between two to share using the card. In this instance a £10.00 seating charge will apply to the non-cardholder or bill.
  8. 10% OFF food bill for the rest of the cardholder’s party may be claimed up to a maximum of £20.00.
  9. The Curry Unlimited Card can be used 7 days per week from 5 pm till closing time in Chilli.
  10. The Curry Unlimited Card is only valid upon monthly prepayment in advance (1st of every month).
  11. The Curry Unlimited Card will be invalid if payment has failed or has not been collected.
  12. No refunds or pro-rata refunds will be given once payment has been collected.
  13. You may cancel any time BEFORE the next billing cycle (1st of each month) by logging into your Paypal account and cancelling the recurring payment.
  14. Please report lost/stolen cards immediately to An admin charge of £5.00 will be applied for a replacement card.
  15. Chilli may cancel The Curry Unlimited scheme at any time subject to a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice prior to the next billing cycle (1st Of every month) to all Curry Unlimited members.
  16. Chilli reserves the right to terminate any card immediately in case of fraud/abuse of card without a refund.
  17. Chilli reserves the right to increase subscription fees to reflect the cost to Chilli of providing food and services. Such changes will be notified to you via email at least 2 weeks prior to the next billing cycle.
  18. Chilli reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Written notice via email will be provided at least 2 weeks prior to the next billing cycle.
  19. There will be a minimum cover charge of £1.50 per cardholder(or cardholder + guest) where the cardholder (or cardholder + guest) do not purchase a beverage(alcoholic or Non alcoholic) OR any extras(i.e poppodoms & pickle trays etc) at minimum price of £1.50.i.e where a cardholder(or + guest) has food and only has a glass of water they will be charged £1.50(£3.00 in case of cardholder + guest having water only).
  20. Where a cardholder (or cardholder + guest) requests unfinished or uneaten food to be packed and taken out there will be a container charge of 50p per container and 25p per bag.