Curry Unlimited FAQ’s

Is Curry Unlimited really “unlimited”?

Yep. absolutely 100%! You can come in everyday of the month if you wish!

Can I have anything off the menu?

Yep. Absolutely 100%. Just read number 3 in the T&c’s.

Is there “another” menu?

Nope. Absolutely NOT. It’s the same A la Carte Menu that we use for all our customers in Chilli.

Are the portions smaller?

Nope. Absolutely NOT. It would be very damaging and short sighted on our part if we started that game!

Is this deal too good to be true?

Nope.Absolutely NOT. It’s certainly is good and its certainly 100% true.

Is there a minimum contract?

Nope. Absolutely NOT. You are committed financially from the day you pay till the last day of that month at the most. Just click cancel in your PayPal account or cancel your direct debit when you want to cancel your subscription.

Can I get my money back if I don’t use the card?

Nope. Once you make a payment then a refund can’t be issued whether you have used your card or not that month. Sorry.

Can I sign up without a Paypal account.

Yes. You can set up a direct debit using the online instructions with GoCardless. It takes just a few mins to set up a PayPal account at the checkout page to set up with your credit/debit card. It’s safe and secure so you have nothing to worry about in our opinion.

Can I just pay cash to sign-up?

Nope. Sorry. Because it’s a subscription model, our system needs to be collect your payment automatically every month so it needs to be done through Paypal or by direct debit.

Will this mean cutting the quality of ingredients of your food?

Nope. Absolutely Not. It would be very damaging and short sighted on our part if we started that game! In fact we strive to make things better for our customers.. After all we want you to come back again and again.

Will Curry Unlimited be bad for my waistline?

Nope. There are a lot of healthy options on our menu you know! Just ask and we can advise you. Did you know that chicken tikka and boiled rice is on the weightwatchers menu?

Will Curry Unlimited be good for my relationship?

Yep. We think so. Less cooking, no dishwashing, more date nights, less stress and more time with your partner = happy relationship!